Argireline mimics the actions of Botulinum by relaxing muscle contractions that create wrinkles. It is a peptide (formerly named acetyl hexapeptide-3, now acetyl hexapeptide-8) that works by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters (inhibits SNARE complex formation and catecholamine release) when applied to the skin and thus relaxes facial tension leading to the reduction in facial lines and wrinkles with regular use. It has a demonstrated effectiveness against existing wrinkles and the development of new wrinkles with regular use. In clinical studies of twice-a-day treatment, the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased to ~30% following 30 days of treatment. Argireline is completely non-toxic, safe and has no side effects.

Matrixyl is the trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptides found in the latest generation of high-end anti wrinkle skin care products. Matrixyl works at the DNA Level to stimulate the very factors in the skin which we lose as we grow old, collagen and fibronectin. The loss of collagen is what leads to thinning of the skin and the wrinkling that we associate with aging skin. Matrixyl helps to counteract this natural part of the aging process, and immediately initiate the REVERSAL of the signs of aging. Over six months, a clinical trial revealed that Matrixyl temporarily produced “a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles”. In fact, researchers documented changes as high as 68% (Matrixyl® 1999). Active ingredient in Strivectin™ line, marketed under tradename Matrixyl.

Pepha Tight:
Pepha-Tight is a registered trademark of Pentapharm Ltd. Pepha Tight is a unique skin tightener, consisting of purified algae extract combined with a fraction of polysaccharides. Several studies have proved it provides immediate tightening to the skin as well as a long term tightening effect through the strengthening of skin’s connective tissue. It protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and stimulates the formation of collagen and supports the enhancement of the connective tissue. The main constituents are polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins. It contains Vitamin C which is an effective antioxidant and Vitamin B12, responsible for the formation of cells.

Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3):
An anti-aging product that actually stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts. Collagen represents the main component of dermal connective tissue. Syn-coll has a unique sequence to mimic the human body’s own mechanism to produce collagen. It actively compensates for any collagen deficit in the skin and makes the skin look younger. Syn-coll is an alternative to collagen injection. It has more than 350% wrinkle reduction compared to a placebo. It is clinically tested and safe.

DMAE (deanol):
DMAE improves the firmness of the skin and helps reduce the visual appearance of sagging skin. DMAE helps the body produce acetylcholine which causes the skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up. It is so effective that bodybuilders have employed its abilities at competition time giving them a well chiseled appearance. When applied to the lips, DMAE helps improve blood circulation, tones the lip area, creating a fuller appearance. Hollywood has quietly been using this ingredient on celebrities for a few years now producing exceptional results. DMAE studies have shown that it reduces the accumulation of lipofuscin deposits inside cells. Lipofuscin is a cellular pigment consisting of aggregated chunks of molecular waste. It is likely that lipofuscin is not simply a by-product of aging but also contributes to the aging process. However, some people have reported a reaction such as swelling or redness from DMAE. If you are experiencing such problems, just sent the cream back and I will return your money.

Copper peptide:
Numerous studies have shown copper peptides to accelerate the regeneration and repair of many types of mammalian tissues (and to have a lot more effects as well), see for more information.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): MSM is food grade organic sulphur considered to be nature’s beauty mineral due to its ability to enhance collagen bundles. On the skin it is useful in the treatment of skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, and in one study the topical application of MSM showed very positive effects on treating ichtyosis – a rare incurable dermatological disease – characterized by dry, thick and scaly skin. The sulfur contained in MSM is also used in the skin for collagen synthesis, and helps to keep the collagen fibers in the skin flexible and prevents cross-linking of these fibers (cross-linking is normally seen in old aged skin). The sulfur also helps the body to produce more sulfur bonds, and in so doing keeps the skin even more pliable and youthful looking. It is often used because the effect it has on wound healing.

Nanoparticles Silicone Dioxide:
Millions of microscopic nano silicone dioxide particles work to conceal wrinkles instantaneously due to the light refracting properties of these prisms. A wrinkle can not be observed by the human eye, instead what the eye sees is the shadow made by the crumple. When these tiny prisms are present, natural brightness is rebounds into a wrinkle, its darkness or shadow is diminished and the wrinkle emerges virtually gone. Used in LifeCell and Deception skin creams etc.

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid):
GABA is a non-essential amino acid necessary for brain metabolism. It assists Niacinamide and Inositol in preventing anxiety and works in the body much like a natural tranquilizer. GABA is used in skin care to lessen the effects of wrinkles as part of an anti-aging regimen. According to recent research “the gamma-aminobutyric acid (A)-like receptor associated with skin barrier homeostasis and regulation of the receptor (could be) clinically effective for barrier dysfunctional or epidermal hyperproliferative diseases.” GABA is also the active ingredient in the Freeze 24/7 line of skin care products.

R-ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid):
Makes your facial capillaries dilate and increases the cells capacity to heal damaged skin and create new skin cells. This Re-energizing of our skin results in a firmer, less-lined and smoother look. A world-renowned dermatologist from Yale University’s Medical School conducted studies on his patients after applying ALA on their skin. Here are the stunning results: Within one to three days, eye puffiness decreased. A bright, healthy glow emerged within five days. Tremendous shrinkage of enlarged pores in two weeks (this was surprising and scientists don’t have an explanation). Decrease in depth of lines and wrinkles within 8 to 12 weeks. Acne and other scars improved by 70%-80% after 6 months. Within three months of treatment, very ruddy skin began to take on a “Porcelain-Like Appearance. ALA directly recycles and extends the metabolic life spans of vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10, and it indirectly renews vitamin E. Active ingredient in Perricone, MD line.

Vitamin C Ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate):
Vitamin C Ester is a very powerful form of skin-compatible Vitamin C, which is essential for the production of collagen. It helps protect the skin from damage by free radicals, reducing lines, wrinkles and discoloration and improves skin tone and texture. It also works near miracles when it comes to inflammation. Vitamin C Ester is used in treating fine lines and wrinkles on sun damaged skin, sagging skin that is loosing its firmness because of damaged or lost collagen and sunburned, inflamed, or irritated skin.

Idebenone (Coenzyme Q10 evolved):
Idebenone is a more evolved form of CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10), which has been designed to be more absorbable into the human cells and thus is claimed to be far superior. Another difference is that Idebenone does not oxidize and create free radicals under low oxygen conditions whereas CoQ10 does (can cause allergic reactions). CoQ10 is important for skin care as it plays a vital role in the production of collagen and other proteins that make up the extra cellular matrix. When the extra cellular matrix is disrupted or depleted, skin will lose its elasticity, smoothness, and tone which can cause wrinkles and premature aging. Idebenone/CoQ10 help to maintain overall skin integrity and reduce the signs of aging. Topically applied, Idebenone/CoQ10 can penetrate the cell layers of the skin and may attenuate the depth of wrinkles due to photo aging, as well as epithelial cell turnover. By functioning as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, Idebenone/CoQ10 can enhance our natural defence system against environmental stress. Data has demonstrated a reduction of wrinkles with long-term use of CoQ10 in skin care products. It is also called ubiquinone, the “ubiquitous quinone” because it is present in plants and animals, including the human skin.

Hyaluronic Acid:
Hyaluronic Acid is known as the most effective moisturizer ever discovered as it absorbs between 500 and 1,000 times its weight in water. Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for cushioning and lubricating connective tissue. Deficiencies of Hyaluronic Acid (which generally comes with age) result in a long list of abnormalities including wrinkles in the skin. Studies have shown that supplementation of Hyaluronic Acid has an enormous ability to prevent and reverse these aging abnormalities. This powerful moisturizer and humectant for skin care formulas is also promoting the reduction of wrinkles by improving capillary health and supporting skin nourishment. Hyaluronic Acid forms a thin transparent visco elastic surface film that helps to preserve the characteristics of youthful and healthy skin: suppleness, elasticity and tone.

Squalane is a natural hydrocarbon and triterpene derived from a variety of plant and animal sources. It is a component of human sebum. Squalane is a saturated analog of squalene, from which it can also be produced by hydrogenation. The chemically inert nature of squalane makes it useful in cosmetic applications, where it is used as an emollient and moisturizer. Squalane in this cream is derived from Olive oil and is absorbed quickly by the skin. It is well proven that Squalane increases the spreadability of vegetable oils and fats on the skin.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):
CLA is a group of fatty acids which, when taken orally has a whole range of beneficial effects. One of the most important effects of CLA is its proven ability to counteract many different types of cancers, with skin cancer being one of them. Although not used in many skin care products, this fatty acid might be very useful when applied topically.

Caffeine is well known for its ability to increase micro circulation and reduce puffiness and is recognized as one of the best actives for dark circles and puffiness. Because of the circulation enhancement it is also well known for its ability to reduce the tissues resulting in a slenderizing effect. In a Journal of Cosmetic Medicine (2008) article it was reported to have been very effective for 80% of the subjects tested. The treatment was analyzed after 30 days with 2x daily applications of a 7% treatment. Noticeable slimming effects were noted for the lower and upper thighs as well as the hips. Eye Cream only.

Vitamin K (Phytonadione):
Vitamin K is a pro-blood clotting agent, which has also previously been prescribed by dermatologists and surgeons to relieve the symptoms of post-operative trauma. Vitamin K Creams are now widely available on the cosmetics market and claim to be able to provide some reduction of spider veins, thread veins, facial redness, bruising and circles under the eyes. Eye Cream Only.

Witch Hazel:
Witch hazel’s main active constituents are: tannins (up to 10%) and volatile oils. These constituents contribute to the strong astringent effect of witch hazel. Also contains saponins and glycosides. As well as being astringent, it is anti-inflammatory, making it useful in treating oily or large-pored skin or minor pimples. Its high tannin content has a strengthening astringent effect on veins and is therefore very useful for treating varicose veins and minor capillary problems. The external skin forms a protective covering after the tannins have tightened the proteins and underlying blood vessels, thus reducing inflammation. It is mildly antiseptic and soothing. Witch hazel is also said to stimulate the formation of new epithelial cells and is often used cold or with ice to reduce the pain of sprains and athletic injuries and to reduce swollen bruises. Eye Cream only.Niacinamide,

Vit. B3 (Niacinamid):
is a vitamin, but even when following a normal healthy diet, topical application of niacinamide will result in increased synthesis of collagen, keratin, involucrin and flaggrin. It will also decrease pruritus and inflammation, decrease oiliness, alleviate atopic dermatitis, and decrease UV-induced skin cancers. These are just a few of the beneficial effects of topical application of niacinamide to the skin.

A natural antioxidant found in red wine and berries protects the skin against oxidative damage and reduces inflammatory conditions and acne and restore lost elasticity.

Phytosterols have anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory activity which will help repair and condition damaged skin as well as regulate and normalize turnover of skin cells and improve dry skin. Great for dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, sunburn and psoriasis.

Acai berry extract:
Amazingly rich in antioxidants, Acai berry extract is useful in eliminating several types of toxins from the skin and help eliminate oxygen free radicals.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein:
Wheat protein has been shown as one of the most effective pore minimizers in modern skin care, providing the porcelain look when utilized in facial cleansers, toners, serums, gels, or lotions. Provides balanced moisture, and gently nourishes.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein:
About one quarter of all of the protein in your body is collagen. Collagen is a major structural protein, forming molecular cables that strengthen the tendons and vast, resilient sheets that support the skin and internal organs. Collagen provides structure to our bodies, protecting and supporting the softer tissues and connecting them with the skeleton. As we age, our production of Collagen slows, especially if we don’t get enough Vitamin C in our diets. Many cosmetic ingredients of today are used to enhance or stimulate Collagen production, because it is a vital building block of youthful, healthy skin and hair.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein:
Soy is an awesome source of Isoflavones. The role of isoflavones is widely appreciated and is currently the subject of intense research. Isoflavones appear to protect the skin against hormone-related aging, such as in menopause. Isoflavones can have estrogenic activity, for instance if during menopause the body’s natural level of estrogen drops, isoflavones can compensate by binding to the same receptor sites. As we age, our hormone levels drop and our skin, the biggest organ, shows the results. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein helps bring back a youthful radiance in skin care.

D-Calcium Pantothenate (Pro vit B5, Panthenol):
Application of panthenol ointment to the skin have been shown to accelerate the closure of skin wounds and increase the strength of scar tissue in animals. Adding calcium-D-pantothenate to cultured human skin cells given an artificial wound increased the number of migrating skin cells and their speed of migration, effects likely to accelerate wound healing. Pantothenic acid is also a component of coenzyme A (CoA), required in synthesis of fatty acids and sphingolipids. These components are of crucial importance for stratum corneum lipid bilayers and cell membrane integrity. It improves and increases the moisture-retention capacity of the skin. Dry skin stays supple and elastic for longer. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect and it stimulates skin regeneration leading to better healing of small wounds, scars and blisters.

Vitamin A Palmitate (Retinyl Palmitate):
Clinical studies have shown vitamin A to have properties that block the absorption of harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as a stimulating effect on cell regeneration. It has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of striae (stretch marks) and regulate epidermal (skin) cell growth. It firms, boosts and nourishes the skin and maintains the skins elasticity. Vitamin A counteracts inflammations and protects cell membranes and other structures within the cells from the damage caused by free radicals and in this way helps to prevent skin disorders. It also plays an important role in the functioning of the eyes and the making of new skin and mucous membranes.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol):
Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant with healing properties which also stimulates the basal layer to reproduce new cells. It is widely used by the body to protect lipids in cell membranes from oxidative damage from free radicals. It also increases the exfoliation rate and improves the skin texture.Vegetable Glycerine: Glycerine is a humectant (attracts moisture) and softens the skin. It is invaluable as a natural source ingredient with emollient like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and it assists the outer epidermis is retaining moisture. This helps to explain why it is one of the most popular cosmetic additives used today.

Vitamin D3:
Vitamin D3 regulates cell turnover. Vitamin D is formed in the body in part by interaction with sun light. This vitamin is considered to be an anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen, and may play a role in skin pigmentation. Since it can be absorbed by the skin, applying this vitamin topically can have an effect on skin’s health.

Chlorella Extract:
The freshwater Algae Chlorella is well known for its detoxifying effects. It has been shown to be useful in a number of ways for human health, i.e. strengthening our immune systems, accelerating the healing of wounds, injuries and ulcers, helping to protect us against toxic pollutants, normalizing digestion and bowel function, stimulating growth and repair to tissues, retarding aging and protecting us against radiation. Chlorella’s skin-enhancing nutrients include age-fighting antioxidants, the highest amount of detoxifying chlorophyll of any known substance and Chlorella Growth Factor, a complex rich in nucleic acids critical for cellular growth, renewal and repair. Clearing Marine Detox Cream only.

Oat Beta-Glucan:
Topical benefits of Beta-glucan include; improved elasticity, skin hydration, decrease in wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema, antioxidant, free radical scavenger. Studies have shown that Beta-glucan can penetrate the skin and significantly reduce depth and height of wrinkles (a clinical study group of 27 subjects applied beta-glucan to fine lines and wrinkles on their faces over an eight-week period. Using digital image analysis of silicone replicas, they determined that there was a significant reduction of wrinkle depth and height) as well as making skin less rough. It was concluded that effects could be seen in as little as ten days and that beta glucan could have a role as a non-invasive alternative to Botox. Clearing Marine Detox Cream Only.

Honeyquat is a naturally derived conditioning agent made from honey, exhibiting excellent moisture binding capabilities, far more than that seen with glycerine. Clearing Marine Detox Cream only.

Goat’s Milk:
Goat’s milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and could be one of Mother Nature’s greatest contributions to health and beauty. Goat Milk is easily absorbed by the skin, bringing with it moisture, restorative proteins, vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin soft, supple and healthy. The milk has a unique protein structure with shorter protein strands allowing for easy penetration. Goat’s milk also contains capric- and caprilic acids that naturally balance the alkalinity of skin products. Clearing Marine Detox Cream only.

The ability of honey to absorb and retain moisture make it an ideal ingredient in many cosmetics as it helps keep skin hydrated and fresh. Honey also has natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which help to protect the skin from the damaging UV rays while supporting the ability of the skin to rejuvenate and refresh depleted skin. Another advantage of honey is for the treatment of acne as it absorbs impurities from the pores in the skin. History shows that ancient beauties regularly applied a mixture of honey and milk to the face to keep their skin looking young, radiant and smooth. Clearing Marine Detox Cream only.

Seaweed Extract:
Seaweed (Bladderwrack) Extract contains fucoidan which aids in collagen synthesis and thus restores tone and elasticity to the skin. Seaweed may also benefit problem skin. The presence of poly-galactosides and polyfucose form a protective layer over the hair and skin and help retain water levels. They may also help protect against environ-mental damage. Seaweed extract also contains vitamins B1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 along with essential trace minerals and may help reduce inflammation. Clearing Marine Detox Cream only.

Green Tea Extract:
Green Tea contains polyphenols, making it a strong anti-oxidant as well as it reduces inflammation. Green Tea Extract fights free radicalsand thus offers protection against sun damage.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a potent moisturizer, regenerating and healing agent. It penetrates the skin, stimulates the immune system and increases the blood circulation. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects (increases collagen synthesis and skin elasticity). The polysaccharides in Aloe Vera act as moisturizers to hydrating the skin. Secondly, aloe is absorbed into the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts to replicate themselves faster which produce the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin become more elastic and less wrinkled. Aloe also makes the surface of the skin smoother because of its cohesive effect on the superficial flaking epidermal cells by sticking them together. It also possesses the ability to interfere with the enzyme that produces melanin deposits in the skin, preventing the formation of ‘liver spots’, which tend to form in aging skin. It has been said that if Aloe Vera is applied regularly and for long enough it will often cause established spots to disappear. Aloe is an important source of Vitamins, Enzymes, Sugars, Anthraquinones, Lignin, Saponins, Fatty Acids, Salicylic Acid and Amino Acids.

Allantoin is a healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating, keratolytic and non-toxic agent useful in dermatological, cosmetic and veterinary preparation. Allantoin is a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation. Allantoin has a pronounced keratolytic and skin softening action, acts as chemical debrider of necrotic and scaling tissue, cleasing up the areas where applied. Allantoin is effective at quite low concentrations, 0.1% up to 2%. HydroHeal Intense Cream only.

Red Raspberry Seed oil:
An active oil with one of the highest anti-oxidant levels due to its high broad spectrum vitamin E and essential fatty acid content. The oil is one of the best choices for anti-inflammatory skin care, astringent and softening anti-aging skin care and natural sun protection products. Very powerful in the atopic dermatitis arena and a fantastic choice for eczema and psoriasis riven products as well as products for burned/damaged and wrinkled skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil:
Research indicates that products containing Sea BuckthornBerry appear to promote cell tissue regeneration, thus aiding in the healing of wounds and restoring skin tissue. Sea Buckthorn oil is said to have proven effective in the treatment of skin conditions including burns, skin ulcers, cancer, acne and dermatitis of various forms and Russian cosmonauts use its oil for protection against radiation burns in space. Clinical experiments in Shantow Tropical Disease Hospital and the Shanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute indicate cosmetics containing Sea Buckthorn extracts can actually improve metabolism and retard skin maturation, thus slowing the aging process (possibly because of the effects of its high levels of Vitamins A and E). Because its high level of beta-carotene, the oil is deep reddish orange and unless used in extremely weak dilutions can colour your skin. Current research indicates that not only does it enhance immune activity and disease resistance, but it also destroys harmful free radicals found in our bodies.

Kokum butter:
Kokum butter is obtained from the seeds of the Garcinia indica tree, which grows in the savanna areas in parts of the Indian subcontinent. It has a very high content of stearic-oleic-stearic tri-glycerides which makes it a very hard, stable butter. It has a high melting point and melts on contact with the skin. It is an excellent alternative to Cocoa butter.Kokum butter has a dry, flaky feel but is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and non-comedogenic. It helps regenerate skin cells and restores the skins’ elasticity. It provides hydration to the skin and hair. It also possesses anti-oxidant properties due to its high vitamin E content.

Cucumber Oil:
Cucumber is a well known remedy to help reduce dark under eye circles and skin pigmentations. It softens and hydrates the skin and is ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. The oil is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Cucumber Oil is rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids (linoleic acid), oleic acid, palmitic acid, minerals (including potassium and silica), tocopherols and phytosterols. It can help stimulate cell regeneration and retains moisture in the skin. All-in-One Eye Cream only.Neem oil: Neem oil is antiseptic and astringent for irritated and inflamed skin and is highly effective in treating different types of skin disorders, promoting healing and maintains the skin’s elasticity. It is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E (a powerful natural anti-oxidant).

Evening Primrose oil:
Evening primrose, a wild yellow flower, also known as oenothera biennis scientifically shows miracles in treating several skin disorders like eczema, acne, etc. It has a wide range of healing powers and is rich in ingredients essential for many anti-aging problems like sagging skin, dry and rough skin. It is also used in the treatment of skin discolorations and it reduces skin blemishes and redness and promotes good coloration for your skin. This oil also shows enhanced results in treating wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. The oil is rich in linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid which cannot be produced by your body. The mature seeds contain approximately 7%-10% of gamma-linolenic acid, which is a rarely found essential fatty acid.

Macadamia Nut oil:
A very unique oil with a level of Palmitoleic Acid which is unusual in vegetable oils, not so far from human sebum and one of the better alternatives to Mink Oil. It is considered by many to be the best for anti-aging products because of its high percentage of palmitoleic oil. Nourishing Macadamia Nut Oil has a rich, cushiony feel, but will absorb quickly.

Cupuacu butter:
Cupuacu Butter, from the Rain Forest, is prized for its rich content of phytosterols (to benefit dry, damaged skin), polyphenols (to combat free radicals in the tissues) and fatty acids to protect and moisturize. It is a butter that performs like the actives, delivering true healing and restructuring benefits to the skin as it improves the skins moisture barrier and offering true hydration for improved elasticity and anti-inflammatory activity. Cupuacu Butter has the capacity to attract 240% more water allowing it to function much more effectively as a skin hydrator and plumper. Though it is not recognized as an SPF, Cupuacu Butter is well known for its ability to absorb damaging UVA/UVB rays for natural sun protection.

Mango butter:
Mango butter has good emolliency and lends a protective effect against the sun. It is said to prevent drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles. It reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores flexibility.

Shea butter:
Shea butter is one of nature’s best emollients and is well known for its smoothing and softening effect on skin and hair. It is high in vitamins A and E which adds skin healing benefits to skin products. It is an excellent choice for inflamed skin products.

Fractionated Coconut oil:
A very light oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Fractionated coconut oil is a non-specific physical fraction (through distillation) capturing the range of fatty acids available in whole coconut oil (includes the much more available lauric and myristic fatty acids, among others). It also contains the caprylic and capric fatty acids, which reduces irritation, enhanced smoothness, less oiliness and some anti-microbial activity.