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I am introducing Anni Mateo "All-in-One" Anti-aging Wrinkle/ Lifting Cream as part of a new line of natural bioactive skin care products with a goal to offer the very best in anti-aging skin care which gives a visible and lasting impact by combining the best of science and nature. This goal stems from my own interest in putting together a super active "All-in-One" cream that contains all known documented actives to reduce all signs of aging, specifically wrinkles and sagging skin, but also pigmentation, dull/uneven skin and large pores. 

The active ingredients have to be concentrated enough to work. I have bought numerous products myself throughout the years, many of them with a lot of promising ingredients, only to find that they did not work as they were not concentrated enough. 

Since the “original” Anni Mateo “All-in-One” Cream was launched, the range of Anni Mateo products and creams has steadily increased as I have been asked to produce creams and other products tailored to different needs.

The idea of Anni Mateo has been around for many years but it was not until I did my PhD in 2008 and had my third child just after that I seriously put plans into practice as I wanted to stay home with my children. Since my background the last 15 years has been in the fields of chemistry/microbiology and the knowledge of how different ingredients act and work together was acquired, the choice was easy...

As part of my goal the products also have to be very affordable
. This is achieved by purchasing straight from manufacturer without middle men involved and due to no expensive marketing and fancy packaging. The products will speak for themselves and only a truly active quality product will sell this way in the long run.

I am currently running the business from my home in Ireland at Barrys Boreen, Fermoy, Co. Cork.

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