About me

My interest in anti-aging products stems form a general interest in health and nutrition which I have had as long as I can remember. From the first sign of wrinkles in my own face, I have tried a vast amount of products and regimes. Some good, but most with little or no effect as most of us can testify to.

I come from Sweden where I was a trained teacher with Science as main subject. My interest in Science led me to do a MSc in Chemistry and later, a PhD in Microbiology which I undertook at University College Cork, Ireland.

Following the completion of my PhD and the birth of my third child shortly after, I wanted to be home with my children. With my solid background in research and literal thousands of hours in the lab I started to research anti-aging active ingredients and their modes of action, as well as interactions, before formulating creams.

From a stability point of view, working with only natural ingredients poses a greater hurdle as no chemicals are added, and months of trial and error and failed batches was endured before a useful product was made :). However, this is a dynamic process as new products are being developed and new ingredients are being tested. Added to this is the high concentration and large number of ingredients in the products which adds to the interactions and complexity of the products.



Anni Mateo Anti-aging Cosmeceuticals

I am introducing Anni Mateo “All-in-One” Anti-aging Wrinkle/Lifting Cream as part of a new line of natural bioactive skin care products with a goal to offer the very best in anti-aging skin care which gives a visible and lasting impact by combining the best of science and nature. This goal stems from my own interest in putting together a super active “All-in-One” cream that contains all known documented actives shown to reduce all signs of aging, specifically wrinkles and sagging skin, but also pigmentation, dull/uneven skin and large pores.

The active ingredients have to be concentrated enough to work. I have bought numerous products myself throughout the years, many of them with a lot of promising ingredients, only to find that they did not work as they were not concentrated enough.

Since the “original” Anni Mateo “All-in-One” Cream was launched, the range of Anni Mateo products and creams has steadily increased as I have been asked to produce creams and other products tailored to different needs.

As part of my goal the products also have to be very affordable. This is achieved by purchasing straight from manufacturer without middle men involved and due to no expensive marketing and fancy packaging. The products will speak for themselves and only a truly active quality product will sell this way in the long run. I am currently running the business in Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.



Anni Mateo “All-in-One” Anti-aging Wrinkle/Lifting Cream contains over twenty-five (>25) powerful, well documented anti-aging actives combined in one product at high concentrations. In addition, Anni Mateo “All-in-One” Anti-aging Wrinkle/ Lifting Eye Cream contains Witch Hazel, Caffeine, Vitamin K and Cucumber oil known to reduce Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles. The active ingredients are dissolved/dispersed in soothing, healing and hydrating Aloe Vera juice, Green Tea Extract (containing polyphenols with great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) and pure oils and butters (each one contributing with its own unique property).


Light Reflecting Nano prisms

As one of the few creams on the market Anni Mateo All-in-One Anti-aging Wrinkle/Lifting Cream contains billions of microscopic Nanoprism particles of Silicone dioxide. These Nano-prisms have light refracting properties which makes lines and wrinkles virtually disappear to the naked eye.


Only Natural Ingredients

All Anni Mateo creams contain only natural ingredients and are free from petroleum products, parabens, silicones, fillers, synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives and colours etc. Only ingredients that actually contribute to the anti-aging action of the creams are used as there are simply no space for fillers in these actives-packed creams.



I ship all over the world for actual shipping/packaging cost, or less if more products are purchased.


Happy customers

Please contact me for any query. I will do my very best to answer, or sort any problem.


Eva Rosberg Cody